Sony FS7-First Thoughts

Sony will be imminently launching its newest offering to the camera market with the launch of the ‘Sony FS7’. It’s been about a year now since almost purchasing the Canon C300, but for some reason there was always something holding me back from actually making the final deal. Was it the the price, the form, the lens options, the 4k limitations? Well in truth, probably a little bit of everything.

The Sony FS7 is possibly one of the most talked about cameras of 2013/14. It finally did all the things you wanted the Canon 5d mkII to do and more. It gave wonderful images straight out of the box and soon became the camera everyone wanted.

The C300 should have been the obvious choice, it did everything you needed it to do. And it does… well, for now. Canon didn’t future proof the C300. So by the time I came into the market for one, I wanted it to do more. I was after a super 35mm camera that didn’t require a number of third party add ons to make it easier for operating, the option to alter the lens mount, slow motion slower than 50fps or at least at 1080HD. Alternative codecs, one of which being broadcast HD with 50mbps, 4:2:2. 10 bit would also be nice… Oh! And all this for under £10,000 inc VAT!

I know what you’re thinking, ‘you’re having a laugh!’ And six months ago, I was. The Sony F5 came close, very close but that was around £15k and then you still had to buy all the extras.

So, is Sony’s new offering the answer? Well it offers broadcast spec HD, with additional codecs to film 4k. Slow motion up to 180fps, a base ISO of 2000 and a whopping 14 stops of latitude! That’s just the inside, the outside comes with an inbuilt extendable arm, with a zoom rocker. It’s shape and form means the monitor/eyepiece is in the correct place for your eyes. It’s also designed to sit directly on your shoulder, without the need for any third party add-ons!  And is it future proof? Well it kinda is, for a little while. If down the line you want to shoot 4K, 12 bit, RAW, you can!

I know this camera might need some additional bits to make it do everything listed, mainly shooting RAW. And it won’t do everything until it gets a firmware update from Sony in 2015. But what you do get, is what seems to be one of the most versatile cameras on the market all for under £10,000. In fact you can get the body for almost half of that!

So is Sony’s new offering the answer? Well it might just be. We’ll just have to wait and see how well the market takes to it. But with most pre-order stocks now gone, I can’t help but feel that Sony have finally… and I mean finally, listened to what the shooters of today have been asking for. And if they have, well done. This might just be the next toy on my Xmas list!