Wife Swap: Brexit Special


Wife Swap: Brexit Special / 1×60 / CH4 / RDF / 2017
Lighting camera operator following families with strong opposing views. Classic ‘Wife Swap’ with a Brexit twist. Filmed on the Sony F55 with Cine PL mount zooms.
Dir Emma Young & James Dawson / EP Daniel Fromm

Here’s an hour of TV that’ll make your blood boil however you voted in the referendum. We probably all know the mechanics of Wife Swap by now – couples with different views or lifestyles step into each other’s shoes for a week – as well as how heated it can get. So it’s no surprise that as soon as Ukip campaigner Pauline from Canvey Island swaps places with Green Party councillor Kat in rural Nottinghamshire, there are, shall we say, robust discussions about Brexit.

Kat, who was born in Germany and has dual nationality, is struck by the lack of diversity in Canvey Island, while Pauline had never considered that some European immigrants fear being deported from the UK as a result of Brexit. Inevitably there are allegations of racism, angry exchanges and tears with both sides getting increasingly frustrated and even further apart in their opinions.

While both wives conclude this social experiment is worth doing to hear the other side of the debate, the Brexit gift Pauline leaves in Kat’s garden is unlikely to go down well.

The reality show returns for a one-off edition. Pauline, Andy and 14-year-old Katie live on Canvey Island – the area with the nation’s third highest `out’ vote. For seven days, bar worker Pauline swaps her home, job and family with psychotherapist and Green Party councillor Kat, who lives in rural Nottinghamshire with her partner Roger and 17-year-old daughter Sophie. These strong-minded women immerse themselves in each other’s lives and face issues around immigration, class and racism. But will they hear anything that changes their mind about Brexit?