Class of Mum and Dad


CLASS OF MUM AND DAD  / 3×60 / CH4 / Firecracker Films / 2017/18
Camera Operator shooting on Canon 300 mkII in an easyrig with cine primes following adults back in year 6. Dir Niall Downing / EP Elspeth O’Hare / CCO Jes Wilkins

It’s the first day of term and the pupils of Blackrod Primary gather in the hall for assembly, led by head teacher Mr Dryburgh. He announces a new class is starting this term – their parents. In this series parents study the year six curriculum alongside their own children for half a term to experience what it’s like for their kids returning to school.

Primary school education has changed dramatically in recent years and in a new 3×60’ series for Channel 4 parents are going to experience what it’s like for their 11 year old kids as they go back to school in The Class Next Door.

For one half term a class of parents will study the same curriculum as their children, who will be in the classroom next door. They will have the same regime, don the school’s uniform, sit cross legged in assembly and do PE and recorder lessons as well as face the same discipline if they misbehave.