Nissan: The Deltawing


Nissan: The Deltawing /1×60 / SKY / Firecracker / 2012
2nd Unit Camera Operator for the 24hrs Le Mans race in France. Dir Sam Roubicek

The Deltawing details the bold collaboration between a maverick genius and a major car manufacturer… both intent on achieving a dream at Le Mans.

Capturing an important moment in motor racing history, this dramatic film follows Ben Bowlby and his team’s efforts to turn his radical Deltawing racer from a concept into a reality. One of racing’s brightest minds, Ben claimed he could achieve the same performance as other racing cars using half the fuel. No idle boast, he gained the ears of Nissan who funded his attempt to prove it. Together, they set out to have the car built, tested and on the grid at Le Mans in just a matter of months. We journey from the testing lab to race day, where all the passion and pride revs up to a spectacular climax.