My Brave Face


My Brave Face / 6×45 / Red Quest / Discovery+ / Barcroft Studios / 2020

Directo of Photography filming 3/6 episode, mostly on Fs7 all over the USA. This medical documentary series explores the emotional real-life stories of inspiring individuals with severe facial conditions. Explore as they undergo life-changing treatment at some of America’s top medical institutions.

Episode 1/ Ethan is a stylish teen from Texas who has neurofibromatosis, an unstoppable overgrowth of tissue on his face that affects his ability to eat and speak.

Episode 2/ Robert was horrifically burned in a car accident and lost much of his face and lips. Now a pioneering face transplant offers him the chance of a new life.

Episode 3/ Jesse

Episode 4/ Jasmine

Episode 5/ Pete

Episode 6/ David


Image of Robert Chelsea pre and post face transplant.