World’s Heaviest Child


World’s Heaviest Child / 1×60 / CH5 / Barcroft Productions / 2017
Lighting Camera Operator, filming in a small remote village deep in Indonesia following the life-changing events of Ariya Permana – the world’s heaviest child!
DP Justyna Wrucha / EP Jude Parker / Peter Wyles

As part of Channel 5’s ‘Extraordinary People‘ series comes the story of 11-year-old Ariya Permana from Indonesia, who weighs a massive 30 stone – nearly three times that of an average man. His status as the world’s heaviest boy has brought fame and considerable financial benefits – but when he becomes house-bound and his health begins to deteriorate, his parents realise they must seek medical help. Can the doctors’ tests get to the root cause of the boy’s extraordinary weight gain?


A quick glimpse of Ariya’s amazing progress so far!


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