Diary of a Teenage Virgin


Diary of a Teenage Virgin / 1×60 / Channel 4 / Firecracker Films / 2013
Lighting camera Operator for master interviews all filmed with an Interatron.
Dir Emma Young

In this candid yet sensitive documentary, teenagers tell us how it feels to be a virgin in a world where social networking and shockingly easy access to porn have transformed the sexual landscape.

From the horror of body hair and oral sex to the pressure to simply get it over and done with, these 14 to 19-year-olds share their thoughts on intimacy and intercourse, porn and paranoia.

Following the group of young virgins over summer 2013 we’ll meet a 15-year-old girl who’s considering sex with a boy she met via social networking and a sixteen-year-old who swears she’s the oldest virgin in Sunderland.

We’ll witness a Mum’s painstaking attempt to explain foreplay to her inexperienced fourteen-year-old son and meet a 17-year old who’s amassed a 979 GB porn collection, but whose only real-life experience is a kiss during a game of truth or dare.

And along the way, we’ll hear a chorus of teen voices as they muse on what the right age is to have sex, whether pornography has taught them all they know, what they think real sex will be like and whether their bodies measure up to the ideal.