Craig Charles: UFO Conspiracies


Craig Chiles: UFO Conspiracies / 10×60 / Sky History / Firecracker Films / 2021/22
DOP lighting a moody set for a 10 part series with Craig Charles and Sarah Cruddas about UFOs. Shot using the Canon K35 25-120mm T2.8 Zooms for a gritty, underground feel to the series.  Dir Jamie Langton / SE Sam Emmery / PE Julie Scott

Craig Charles: UFO Conspiracies follows sci-fi favourite and long-time UFO enthusiast Craig and astrophysicist Sarah as they scrutinise compelling evidence relating to some of the most perplexing UFO encounters of recent years, revealing never before heard testimony to separate fact from fiction and ask: are the unexplained aerial phenomena prowling our skies extra-terrestrial?

Fun shoot with plenty of laughs here is me working hard (with post lockdown hair!)