Amazing Interiors

Documentary, On-Demand

Amazing Interiors / 12×30 / NETFLIX / Barcroft Productions / 2017-18
Camera Operator traveling across America filming the reveals for a number of properties. Filmed in UHD with Cine Primes and Steadicam. SD James Howard / SR Jude Parker / EP Sam Barcroft & Peter Wyles

From an ancient home in an idyllic British village, to an incredible NYC apartment, or a massive McMansion in Utah, our properties are all very different – but they share the same juicy secret… They’re Amazing On The Inside. And we mean ammaaazing. Unexpected. Shocking. Entertaining. Wild. They might look normal on the outside, but they’re anything but normal on the inside!

This series will unveil the passion projects of homeowners who have transformed their living space to reflect their personality, dreams and identity. Shot in the UK, U.S., Spain, Nigeria and the Netherlands, the series will look at some fascinating interiors inside ordinary and assuming exteriors.